Kickboxing and Sweat with Myriam

BodyFit with Myriam - before and afterMyriam teaches Sweat (Bootcamp) and Kickboxing to private clients since the Covid 19 outbreak. Myriam coaches families;whole families (kids must be 11 and up), sibling teams, parent sibling and/or whole family. Couples who have lived together pre Covid, one on one, or people that you feel completely “safe” with. Boxing/Kickboxing gets very hot and sweaty so Myriam leaves it open to wether you want to wear a mask or not, however, she wears one at all times. Myriam supplies clean and sanitized equipment but insists you buy your own gloves and rope from her supplier which offers Myriam wholesale prices (gloves $28+tax, rope $8+tax) for professional equipment. Private’s are $60 per hour. For more details contact her directly at or call her at 514 229 5513

Myriam went from a size 24 to a size 4 using this unique method which was 100% holistic.

Guts to Go with Myriam - before and after For those interested in weight loss, exercise alone will not help you achieve your goals. Myriam gives one to one private tuition in order to achieve a 360 degree turnaround about your relationship with food, cause of the excess, changing your mindset so that the changes are permanent and efforts not short lived, as rapid weight loss is ineffective and almost always guarantees a double weight gain back. Excercise and establishing a regimen is included in the package.

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